5 ways to develop your own wellbeing

1. Understand what wellbeing is and isn’t

Wellbeing isn’t cakes in your staff room, delicious soap in the staff toilets, or a duvet day. It isn’t being able to clock off early, yoga after school, or an anonymous mug of chocolate treats left in your pigeon hole.

The dictionary definition of wellbeing is: a state of comfort, health and happiness.

I like to add in two more words.

Freedom. Freedom from stress, worry and anxiety.

Ease. Being at ease with yourself and the external world.

So the opposite of wellbeing is ‘the absence of ease’. Or dis-ease.

Flip that around again and you get this definition of wellbeing: the absence of dis-ease.

2. Wellbeing can only come from you.

Nobody can ‘give’ you wellbeing. It can only come from you and your thinking – nowhere else.

3. Change your perspective.

Wellbeing is personal, subjective and all in your thinking.

You won’t get any kind of profound circumstantial change until you change your emotional state.

Imagine you woke up tomorrow morning and everything in the world had stayed the same except for you. Would your life be any better?

4. Be kind to yourself

You are your own biggest motivator, fiercest critic and worst enemy.

If you had a friend who spoke to you in the way you speak to yourself – would you be friends with them?

5. Be grateful

Life is a short and precious gift.

Being alive is the best thing ever.

Don’t waste it focusing on what you don’t have.


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