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The A to Z of Wellbeing

A is for Attitude
You can choose to your attitude and it impacts on everyone around you.

B is for Botheredness
Be bothered to care about your life and everyone in it.

C is for Contagion
People can catch your positive vibes and spread them to others.

D is for Determination
Be committed and determined to achieving something in the long term.

E is for Ease
Peace and wellbeing can be achieved when you are at ease with yourself and your circumstances.

F is for Flow
Find something you enjoy. Commit to doing it everyday. Even if it’s just for five minutes.

G is for Gratitude
Be grateful for what is in your life rather than what isn’t. Gratitude is the fertiliser for…

H is for Happiness
We all want more of it. So look for it and let it into your life.

I is for Input
Read great books, listen to interesting podcasts and talk to supportive people.

J is for Junk
Remove your connection to junk communities where people moan, complain and spread negativity.

K is for Kindness
Being kind can lift your mood and the mood of the person you help. Do it more often.

L is for Love
Love yourself first. It’s the building block for flourishing relationships.

M is Mindset
The skill set without the mindset will leave you upset.

N is for Neuroplasticity
Practice and repetition can require your brain for the positive.

O is for Outside
Being outside and offline will reduce stress and increase happiness.

P is for Perspective
Are you having a bad day – or a bad few minutes you can’t move on from?

Q is for Quiet
A quiet mind is free of stress and worry.

R is for Relationships
They recharge you with clean, green and renewable energy.

S is for Slower
Slow down and be present. You are only where you are right now. The present. So lap it up.

T is for Thinking
Thoughts come and go like the wind. Try to hold on to as many positive ones as possible.

U is for Understanding
Be compassionate and free of judgement for others.

V is for Values
Know what you stand for and stand against. Make sure your actions match.

W is for Words
Words shape worlds. Choose and use yours carefully.

X is for X factor
You are the best version of you. No one is better at being you than you. You have the X factor already.

Y is for You
You matter. You always have and you always will.

Z is for Zip
Having zip and spring in your step motivates you to be your best self every day.

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