Some thoughts about the impact of the virus on children’s education

There’s a lot of concern children will fall the below age related expectation for their year group because of a lack of curriculum coverage and teacher input.

But the last thing they need upon returning to school is interventions, catch up programmes and additional work to keep up.

No generation of children have had their education disrupted in this way since the evacuees of the Second World War.

What they really need upon returning to school is high quality pastoral and emotional care.

What we’re seeing unfold across the world is trauma and grief on a global scale – and it will affect many children in many different ways.

The concern shouldn’t be on how it impacts on their learning this academic year. It should be on how the repercussions of the lockdown will affect their ability to thrive in the future.

On the other side of this our children will be a generation who have survived a crisis unlike anything before.

If we don’t get our short term response right for children’s emotional wellbeing then it will cost us and them dearly in the long term.

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