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The 99 Days of Wellbeing

Day 1 There is nothing wrong with you. There is no one better at being you than YOU. You’re already brilliant as you are. When you realise there is nothing wrong with you – you’ll also realise there’s nothing to perfect. 🚀 Day 2 What I if told you You read the first line wrong?… Continue reading The 99 Days of Wellbeing

You might not be happy every day

Bouncebackability is your ability to quickly bounce back from disappointments and setbacks. The quicker you can bounce back, the quicker you can get yourself back on track to improve. Bouncebackability is not an innate skill you are born with. It is a learned skill that takes time and practice to develop. If I offered you… Continue reading You might not be happy every day

8 things about school culture

1. School culture isn’t fixed. 2. It is a set of living relationships oriented towards a common goal. 3. Everyone needs to know the goal. 4. Every relationship has to be valued and nurtured. 5. Everyone needs to be enabled to reach the goal. 6. Everyone has to play their part. 7. We are all… Continue reading 8 things about school culture

Why wellbeing matters

The reason I feel so strongly about wellbeing is because it makes me sad to see so many good people struggling (and even drowning) in their roles. I have worked with NQTs who quickly start feeling burnout and overwhelm with their new careers. I have spent time with experienced teachers who are struggling to adapt… Continue reading Why wellbeing matters

What is ZIP?

ZIP is you at your best. When you have ZIP, others around you catch on as well. You become a life force and a life giver. Through ZIP you are able to breathe life into others. It leaks out of you and into them, lighting others up and helping them reach the dizzying heights of… Continue reading What is ZIP?

26 things about education…

1. Schools are like factories. 2. Children are the products. 3. They are created in batches and time stamped. 4. They’re all measured and assessed by how well they perform in a test. 5. An expected behaviour for good learning is good sitting and listening. Usually at a table. 6. Those who do well on… Continue reading 26 things about education…

How NOT to be happy

-stay inside all day 🏠-move as little as possible 🛋-spend more than you earn 💰-take yourself (and life) too seriously 😐-look for reasons why things won’t work 👎🏻-always find someone to blame 👉🏻-always consume, never contribute 🍔-be jealous of the lucky and successful 😠-never smile at someone first 😕-be unreliable 🤦🏻‍♂️ 🚀

The point of what I do

Teaching is a vocational choice – and often believed to be a lifestyle choice. As teachers we all want to believe that we have something special to give, that we can impact on and make a difference to children’s lives, and in our own small way we are helping to shape the future of the… Continue reading The point of what I do

What you say around children is just as important as what you don’t say

Children are not always the best at listening to you – but they are very good at becoming you. Those turns of phrases, gestures, and throwaway comments. They hear and see them, internalise them, and reuse them. Do you tut or kick the table leg when the SIMS register doesn’t load? Do you roll your… Continue reading What you say around children is just as important as what you don’t say

The power of self-talk

I had never really thought about how I spoke to myself until I was stood on the first tee of my local golf course a few years ago. I had arranged this round of golf a few weeks earlier and my friends and I had all talked about how we were going to attack the… Continue reading The power of self-talk

How a toddler can teach you about failure

I remember hearing it around my daughter’s first birthday. She had just started to walk and the phrase reared its head. It comes from relatives, friends and sometimes even strangers. “Aren’t you a clever girl?” I know. It sounds like I am belittling the milestone event of my daughter successfully walking for the first time.… Continue reading How a toddler can teach you about failure

Dealing with negativity (and how a barrel of water can help)

I got married in July 2015. When we booked the date we believed we were in for a beautiful summer wedding filled with glorious sunshine. We had planned to hold our drinks reception on the patio of the venue and play lawn games in the gardens. However, despite its summer setting, it turned out to… Continue reading Dealing with negativity (and how a barrel of water can help)

Don’t become society: Do you want to be ordinary or extraordinary?

Fleas are funny old creatures. They might seem small and insignificant. But if you look at them closely. And I mean really closely. You might see that we can learn quite a lot from them. Their life expectancy isn’t much more than around 3 months. Even that is assuming they are living in the right… Continue reading Don’t become society: Do you want to be ordinary or extraordinary?

How to journal gratitude

What is gratitude? It’s easy to say thank you. Almost too easy. There is a difference between saying thank you and being thankful. Gratitude is the quality of being thankful. When you say thank you, it is something you do. When you feel thankful, it is something you are. How to let more gratitude in… Continue reading How to journal gratitude

Pushing back against entropy

Entropy is a measure of disorder. Imagine throwing a whole pack of playing cards up in the air. The chance of them landing them in order is statistically possible – but highly improbable. The outcome of them being in order is one outcome amongst a sea of other disorderly outcomes. The idea of entropy applies… Continue reading Pushing back against entropy

How to get motivated

What is motivation? Motivation is defined as “the reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way.” Often the reason we want to get motivated is because we want to avoid something else. For example, we become motivated to lose weight to avoid health issues, we become motivated to read more to avoid mental stagnation,… Continue reading How to get motivated

The A to Z of Wellbeing

A is for AttitudeYou can choose to your attitude and it impacts on everyone around you. B is for BotherednessBe bothered to care about your life and everyone in it. C is for ContagionPeople can catch your positive vibes and spread them to others. D is for DeterminationBe committed and determined to achieving something in… Continue reading The A to Z of Wellbeing

5 things we already knew about education that the pandemic impact has confirmed

1The National Curriculum is out of date already. It is designed for children to survive in a world of the past. It needs to be for children to thrive in a changing and challenging world. 2We should always be listening to the experts. Never believing we know better. Never assuming because of our status we… Continue reading 5 things we already knew about education that the pandemic impact has confirmed

Some thoughts about the impact of the virus on children’s education

There’s a lot of concern children will fall the below age related expectation for their year group because of a lack of curriculum coverage and teacher input. But the last thing they need upon returning to school is interventions, catch up programmes and additional work to keep up. No generation of children have had their… Continue reading Some thoughts about the impact of the virus on children’s education

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