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Hi, I’m Simon Bolger – also known as ‘That Wellbeing Guy‘.

Welcome to my online home. I am a teacher, speaker, writer, coach and consultant on all areas of education.

I use my expertise to help school communities transform their culture from the inside-out.

As a former primary school teacher and one of the youngest headteachers in the country – I know the challenges school communities currently face.

That is why I started That Wellbeing Guy.

How can I help you?

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What do people say?

“Inspirational, positive, uplifting!”
Lynsey Young, Headteacher, Roebuck Academy

“Amazing day.”
Charlie King, Headteacher, Plaistow and Kirdford Primary

“Your enthusiasm is inspiring!”
Jo Jelves, Headteacher, Ridgeway Academy

Chris Dobson, Headteacher, St James CE Academy

“Made an impact on my own thinking.”
Mark Wilkes, Headteacher, Highfield Primary

“Practical ideas.”
Clare Butcher, Headteacher, Edenbridge Primary

“Please come back soon!”
Sarah Folkard, Headteacher, Portfields

“A very inspiring session full of laughs, positivity and practical tips and ideas! Thank you.” Sarah Cockshott, Executive Principal, St John’s and St Peter’s CofE Academy, Lichfield

“I learnt how small changes can make a huge difference to yourself and others. A wonderful course – empowering, energetic and uplifting.” Philomena Egan, Headteacher, St Mary’s Catholic School, Chingford

“Really enjoyable! It was great to remember what impact a positive attitude can have on all.” Katie McCann, Head of School, Four Elms Primary School, Kent

“The course emphasised for me the benefit of arriving at a school with an ‘A1’ positive attitude towards all members of the school community. I thought Simon’s technique was an excellent mix between the serious subject nature and put over in a humorous way. His enthusiasm is infectious.” Michael James, Chairman of Milton Keynes Music Co-Operative

Contact me now. I’d love to hear from you.

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