Pushing back against entropy

Entropy is a measure of disorder.

Imagine throwing a whole pack of playing cards up in the air. The chance of them landing them in order is statistically possible – but highly improbable.

The outcome of them being in order is one outcome amongst a sea of other disorderly outcomes.

The idea of entropy applies to life. There are fewer orderly possibilities than disorderly ones.

Without exerting energy and effort, everything would descend into disorder. Your finances, your health, and the state of your home.

You cannot reverse entropy. It is part of the structure of life. Eventually everything in the universe will fall into disorder. Mountains fall away, ancient cities erode, and stars expand and explode.

But you don’t need to worry about that bit. With the exertion of energy and effort – you can slow the spread of disorder in your life.

Plain and simple, a brilliant life won’t happen by accident. If you want a brilliant life with brilliant outcomes, you have to work for it, or it will fall into disorder.