Responding to Covid-19: Have faith

Even though it feels like times will never return to normal or get better, I have faith in humanity that we will adapt, survive and go on to thrive.

Humanity has come back from hardship, catastrophic events and Earth changing moments before.

We will again.

Being constrained inspires innovation.

Great thinking isn’t done outside the box. It’s done within the confines of the box. Think Apollo 13 and using what’s available and possible in new, different and diverse ways.

The greatest minds, companies and organisations will innovate. They will find a way forward.

Public health and hygiene be prioritised as part of national development.

Cafes and restaurants will find a way to serve food to tables with reduced contact, public toilets and amenities will be upgraded, and leisure facilities will adapt their services and environments to promote better public health.

Public places will have to innovate by finding lots of small ways to improve hygiene.

Eg. How can we encourage people to wash hands before entering? How can we keep the entrance space cleaner? How can we purify the air more efficiently? How can we reduce customer density without compromising service? How can we make transition times and spaces more hygienic? Etc…

Small changes will bring remarkable results.

They will – because they have to.

Have faith.