The point of what I do

Teaching is a vocational choice – and often believed to be a lifestyle choice. As teachers we all want to believe that we have something special to give, that we can impact on and make a difference to children’s lives, and in our own small way we are helping to shape the future of the world.

Usually at the start of your career you imagine the future of your job to revolve around sparking awe and wonder within the hearts and minds of the children in front of you.

However, I’m sure for lots of you that bright, idyllic world has been darkened by the gloomy clouds of modern life. Maybe the repetitive nature, frustration and mediocrity of daily life has formed an insurmountable barrier of effort and hassle which has stopped you even trying to return to the possibility of the idyllic world you once imagined.

Perhaps as well, not only has your ideal blurred, but also the passion and vigour you once held for living as the very best possible version of yourself. Maybe you have lost confidence in what you are capable of and in the person you have the capacity to become.

My work now revolves around teaching school communities how they can live their best life every day, rediscover who they are capable of being and returning to them a superpower I call zip.

Zip is possessing the superpower of energy, enthusiasm, vigour and vitality required to become the best teacher in the world.

It lies within you. It always has. You just need to rediscover it.

When you do, you can be unstoppable.


What you say around children is just as important as what you don’t say

Children are not always the best at listening to you – but they are very good at becoming you.

Those turns of phrases, gestures, and throwaway comments. They hear and see them, internalise them, and reuse them.

Do you tut or kick the table leg when the SIMS register doesn’t load? Do you roll your eyes when lunchtime ends one minute later than it should?

There are children who will pick up on this.

Noticing it for one day might not seem much or feel like it matters. But imagine seeing it every day for a whole school year.

If you’re a child – it becomes hard not to copy.

Your small behaviours – including when you do nothing – compounds and has a huge impact.

Every. Single. Day.