26 things about education…

1. Schools are like factories.

2. Children are the products.

3. They are created in batches and time stamped.

4. They’re all measured and assessed by how well they perform in a test.

5. An expected behaviour for good learning is good sitting and listening. Usually at a table.

6. Those who do well on a test are labelled as clever and those who do not are labelled as not clever.

7. Society has come to generally believe clever and not clever is the same as academic and non-academic.

8. A lot of brilliant people fail to reach their potential of fulfil their brilliance because they’ve been labelled not clever or not academic.

9. Traditional schooling has been designed for children to learn what they need to get jobs in the economy of NOW.

10. No child alive today will get a job in the economy of NOW.

11. Schooling should be designed for children to learn what they need in the economy of the FUTURE.

12. Most children will grow up to enter careers and jobs that don’t currently exist.

13. Children should be taught to think outside the box or redesign the box completely.

14. Instead they’re taught to take the shape of the box the same as everyone else in all the other batches of times gone by.

15. We are adamant a knowledge rich curriculum is the best foot forward – but a lot of it is focused on knowledge of the past or on concepts and ideas that are stored outside the human brain.

16. What you know is not as important as what you do with what you know.

17. The curriculum given to us by the government is more about what you must learn about, instead of what you may learn about.

18. Creativity comes through choice.

19. Children are curious. To learn they mostly need access, space and time.

20. Maybe we just need to get out of their way.

21. We don’t measure how happy children and staff are.

22. We don’t measure how much current learning makes children what to pursue future learning.

23. The prescribed curriculum doesn’t cover teaching children to discover how they learn best, how to experience happiness more often and how to navigate a future world that is becoming more alien with each passing day.

24. Money is being spent on all the things except for those that really matter. Serious investment on developing the wellbeing and mental health of our children now would have an incredible compounding effect felt for years into the future.

25. Society takes for granted how much teachers are able to bend and flex within a system trying to hold them down from all angles. They are trying to carve a masterpiece by using whatever they can find – sometimes blunt instruments. Now should be the time we give them everything they need and more.

26. Developing and enriching the children of today will improve the world of tomorrow.