An online course by Simon Bolger, That Wellbeing Guy


That Wellbeing Mastermind will enable a member of your school staff to learn in-depth knowledge of how to positively grow a school culture and develop the wellbeing of the entire school community so they are consistently able to be more positive, happier and flourishing on a daily basis.


On That Wellbeing Mastermind, you will deepen your understanding of wellbeing and how it can be used to transform your school culture. You will develop a systematic process for cultivating wellbeing ideas, distilling them into an ambitious action plan, and implementing the plan across your whole school.

By the time you finish the course, you will have led, reviewed and evaluated whole school initiatives, inspired staff through your own actions, led high quality CPD, and strategically planned for whole school development by enabling your school community to flourish.

You’ll transform from a traditional wellbeing lead or champion – and become a Wellbeing Mastermind. You will grow as a leader and strengthen your influence of wider school life. The strategic development you produce will be an asset to the school for a number of years. It will reach into the future and provide a lasting wellbeing legacy for the whole community.

Tokenistic and surface level understanding of wellbeing will be a thing of the past. You’ll have the knowledge and strategic capacity to grow a culture where wellbeing becomes the golden thread through everything the school does.

Happy children learn and achieve more effectively. Happy staff work with greater purpose and have a bigger impact. Happy leaders drive the school forward with a strong understanding of how they can help others to flourish in the face of the physical, economic and emotional challenges found in a school.

Too many teachers are struggling with the everyday demands of school, too many people are living as just a limited version of themselves, and lots of people are not fulfilling their happiness potential.

This course will change this for you, your colleagues and your children.


That Wellbeing Mastermind is for anyone who wants to…

1. Deepen your knowledge of wellbeing. I’ll teach you the knowledge you need to master your own wellbeing and be able to pass it on to others.

2. Franchise positivity amongst your colleagues so everyone is inspired and energised to live their best life every day. Your colleagues will understand their impact and rediscover their purpose in giving children the very best life chances.

3. Strengthen your capacity as a leader by planning, implementing and evaluating whole initiatives. I’ll help you understand your school community and show you how to grow it for the future. You could be an emerging leader, middle leader or senior leader – the course will still be a right fit for you. 

4. Boost your influence across school. Usually the wellbeing champion is the person who either organises the monthly quiz or is the person others complain to. By becoming a Wellbeing Mastermind, you will be the one driving wellbeing as a force for school improvement.

5. Connect with colleagues across the country who are also on the mastermind journey. Share ideas and combine knowledge and ideas to improve your own practice and help others to develop theirs.

6. Give children the vital tools they need to be able to survive and thrive in a changing world. For many children you might be the only positive person they meet on a particular day – they need this. The modern world is now a superhighway of abundance and overwhelm – focusing on traditional academia will only get children so far – this course will enable you to teach them everything they need for the future.


“Inspirational, positive, uplifting!”
Lynsey Young, Headteacher, Roebuck Academy

“I learnt how small changes can make a huge difference to yourself and others. A wonderful course – empowering, energetic and uplifting.”
Philomena Egan, Headteacher, St Mary’s Catholic School, Chingford

“Your enthusiasm is inspiring!”
Jo Jelves, Headteacher, Ridgeway Academy


* x Modules: Live video and slide-based lessons packed with Simon’s best insights, examples, strategies and recommendations.

* x Deliverables: Gap activities designed to level up your thinking, strategy, knowledge and skills to transform your school culture from the inside-out.

* x Templates: Specially formatted to help you order your thinking and apply your knowledge so it provides the strongest impact possible.

* Live interaction: Learn alongside a cohort of peers from around the country as you give each other feedback and share ideas.

* Curated content: Based on your suggestions and related to successes, problems and dilemmas you are facing.

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You’ll develop a fresh approach to wellbeing.

No longer will you hear staff complain they are not cared about, with nobody listening to them. You’ll learn how to teach your colleagues how to take personal responsibility for their own wellbeing and use their attitude as a superpower to recharge themselves and the people around them.

As you deepen your own knowledge and become a ‘mastermind’, you’ll strengthen your ability to lead real change in school by positively impacting on the emotions of others. Emotion drives action. Helping people to feel differently in school, about their role, and about their lives will drive them to behave differently. Becoming a mastermind will equip you with all the tools you need to make this happen.

I chose the name ‘Wellbeing Mastermind’ because this will not be a solo experience. You collaborate with others on the course, your school community around you, and me. All of these will help inspire transformation in your school by harnessing the power of a mastermind.

“The coordination of knowledge and effort between two or more people who work towards a definite purpose in a spirit of harmony… no two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind. Also know as, the mastermind.” – Napoleon Hill

It can be a complete before-and-after transformation of the trajectory of your school, your children’s lives, your career and your life. Instead of watching the game from the sidelines, you’ll influence the game itself.



1. It’s not about becoming a know-it-all. It’s about deepening your knowledge so you can actually do something powerful with it. We are in the midst of a happiness shortage within our schools and with the right knowledge and tools you can shape real shape within your community.

2. It’s not about having a checklist to follow. It’s about a different way of thinking and communicating to your stakeholders. You can’t follow a ten point checklist and expect people to ‘have’ wellbeing. Just as much as staff can’t expect leaders to do ten things and ‘give’ them wellbeing. It is about tuning into the values of what makes your school special and creating transformation from the inside-out.

3. It’s not about reaching a final destination. It’s about a learning journey. In a year from now, no one can visit your school and see that you ‘have’ wellbeing. A banner on your school gates saying you’re all happy doesn’t mean it is actually happening. It is about shaping your approach to fit your school context and strategically planning to grow, maintain, and continuously improve your school culture.

4. It’s not about an easy shortcut. It is about getting started on a clear path. There are no shortcuts to success. Lots of people are jumping on the wellbeing bandwagon thinking it can be bought off the shelf. It can’t. Profound change in wellbeing comes from emotional change. This is a core foundation of my training and mission to start a wellbeing revolution. The tools equipped to someone who achieves ‘Wellbeing Mastermind’ status will allow your school ride the wave of this revolution.

5. It’s not about just writing a policy and expecting it to be followed. A policy doesn’t mean anything if no one knows what it says or what it means for them. When you are a Mastermind, you will weave wellbeing as a golden thread through every aspect of school life.

6. It’s not about telling everyone what they have been doing wrong the whole time. It’s about helping others to see the school, the classroom, their children and their lives from a different perspective. The mastermind will give you the tools to help others shift their perspective and pursue a new direction.

7. It isn’t fake. The wellbeing bandwagon is well and truly in motion. There are courses, books and schemes on the subject which all claim to ‘give’ you wellbeing. They won’t. They are written by people outside of the education sector who think they understand schools. They don’t. I implemented every principle and strategy covered on this course whilst I was a headteacher. I know what schools need because I needed it to. I know what challenges schools face because I faced them too. This is real and designed for real teachers in real classrooms in real schools.


My current experience as a teacher speaker, coach, consultant and writer in helping schools transform their culture from the inside-out.

My past experience as a primary school teacher and headteacher where I implemented every strategy of this course first-hand. This enables me to help schools and mastermind participants to be well placed for future challenges.

My dynamic beliefs. A school community will never experience any kind of profound circumstantial change until they activate emotional change in all their stakeholders.


Live sessions over the internet using a conference call platform. The session outline will include an introduction of the new content from Simon, opportunity for questions, worked examples and personalised feedback from other members. If you can’t make the live sessions then they will be recorded and can be watched at a different time.

A closed and private Facebook group exclusively for Mastermind members. This will be used to share ideas, strategies, ask questions and give/receive feedback outside of the live sessions.

Templates and deliverables shared via email. Feedback will be given on every deliverable either directly from Simon or from other Mastermind members.


The course will be delivered as X sessions, held every xxx, over xxx weeks/months

There will be regular check-ins on the closed Facebook group.

Simon will always be contactable via email.


Wellbeing Mastermind Status. You will elevate yourself above the status of being a wellbeing lead or champion, to be the member of staff who visualises, plans, strategizes and masterminds real wellbeing change in your school. 

A strategic wellbeing vision which reaches into the future and determines the overall direction for the school culture and community.

A detailed action plan designed to impact on the long lasting wellbeing of every stakeholder within the school community. 

An impact report highlighting what you noticed, what you did about it, and the impact you made. You will use this to build a roadmap for your wellbeing journey for the future.


What’s included:

  • X-module curriculum
  • Guided strategic deliverables
  • Actionable templates
  • Live sessions delivered online
  • Access to private Mastermind Facebook Group
  • Wellbeing Mastermind Status upon completion




Here’s how I run my online training:

1. Most online courses are self-paced. Mine is live.

2. Most online courses are easy and relaxed. Mine is intense and will challenge you. This will help you and your school to get the most out of it.

3. Most online courses are solo experiences. Mine is a social and collaborative one.

I have tried to flip the traditional online training model on its head and take steps to reinvent online education. Transformative experiences are always hard. The best leaders challenge your limits. The best teachers challenge your beliefs. The best books challenge your assumptions. 

It it’s going to deliver on its promise, online training should be challenging. But mine will also be collaborative,

Here’s the secret: Challenging and collaborative experiences create conditions where you can thrive, grow and make a real difference. 

When you’re challenged together, you grow together.

The curriculum is ambitious. But profound change to school community wellbeing requires ambitious action. 

If you put in the effort, you won’t be the same person by the end of the course.

That’s my mission.


The internet is littered with excellent advice about teacher and school staff wellbeing. In fact, you can find a lot of it on my social media channels. I encourage you to have a look. With that said, the majority of what you find online is superficial without the space to really deepen knowledge and understanding of the subject. Even if you are able to find the information online, it isn’t worth very much without the structure and support needed to implement what you learn. Instead of spending of valuable hours searching for that content, you will find the best information distilled here into a coherent and actionable framework. Better yet, you’ll have a community of Wellbeing Masterminds who can support you personally and professionally. By the end of the course, you will have an understanding, approach and strategy for transforming wellbeing in your school community.