Unlocking Wellbeing Online

In a world where managing our wellbeing has become that little bit more difficult – innovation is required.

That’s why I have redesigned my flagship session ‘Unlocking Wellbeing’ to work for an online audience.

Whether you’re looking for wellbeing strategies, personal motivation or emotional relief from the current crisis – I can help.

Who is it for?

I use my expertise as a teacher, speaker, coach, consultant and writer to help all members of school staff learn how to take responsibility for their wellbeing and be positively well-placed for future challenges.

Unlocking Wellbeing Online is for anyone who wants to:

Understand what wellbeing is and is not.

Feel consistently more positive on a daily basis.

Be able to thrive in a changing and challenging world.

Course overview

Everyone has the potential to be positive and feel happy. Sometimes our innate sense of wellbeing is locked inside us and we need a reminder of where the keys are to help us to flourish.

We start by taking a look at what wellbeing, positivity and happiness isn’t. We explore what negativity is, where it comes from, why it exists and how we can deal with it. Then we turn our attention to the habits and routines in our life that we perform daily and automatically. Staff are challenged to stop, think, pause and reflect on whether there could be a different (better) way.

We turn our attention to stress, why we need it, what the difference between good and fake stress is, and the difference between a mountain and a molehill. Then we explore what being exceptional ‘costs’ (The answer might surprise you).

Then we move on to understanding our impact, how we can flourish, and how our internal world can create an external world where we are full of vigour, vitality and energy. Through some cage rattling messages we explore the difference between ‘being alive’ and ‘living’, and how our time in the world to make an impact is limited and life shouldn’t be wasted.

After that we learn how gratitude is the foundation for happiness and how living a life of appreciation rather than expectation can change the way we feel about everything. We discover how and why so many people are accidentally wishing their lives away to the next half-term holiday and what we can do to reframe their mindset.

We learn about the relationship between thoughts and feelings – and discover that positivity is also a habit. After some discussion on how our language and vocabulary choices influence the culture we live and work in, we find out if we are a driver or passenger in life.

We learn how we can get a better perspective of the challenges we face in life, how emotions can hijack our behaviours with sometimes disastrous consequences, and how we can learn over time to manage our internal emotional hijackers.

Remember, we are all only one thought or action away from an entirely different experience of life.

How does it work?

Delivered in my own unique style which has been described as “motivational, funny, eye opening and totally engaging” – I will lift your staff to heights they have never been to before.

My pioneering sessions come from years of leading a school with this principle firmly placed at the centre and threaded through every aspect of school life.

The sessions take place over Zoom, last one hour, and are suitable for up to 100 members of your school staff.

Session cost?

Unlocking Wellbeing Online can be delivered as a single one-hour session for £200.

Or as a series of three sessions covering the content in a deeper way for £600.

What do people say about my training?

“Inspirational, positive, uplifting!”
Lynsey Young, Headteacher, Roebuck Academy

“Amazing day.”
Charlie King, Headteacher, Plaistow and Kirdford Primary

“Your enthusiasm is inspiring!”
Jo Jelves, Headteacher, Ridgeway Academy

Chris Dobson, Headteacher, St James CE Academy

“Made an impact on my own thinking.”
Mark Wilkes, Headteacher, Highfield Primary

“Practical ideas.”
Clare Butcher, Headteacher, Edenbridge Primary

“Please come back soon!”
Sarah Folkard, Headteacher, Portfields

“A very inspiring session full of laughs, positivity and practical tips and ideas! Thank you.” Sarah Cockshott, Executive Principal, St John’s and St Peter’s CofE Academy, Lichfield

“I learnt how small changes can make a huge difference to yourself and others. A wonderful course – empowering, energetic and uplifting.” Philomena Egan, Headteacher, St Mary’s Catholic School, Chingford

“Really enjoyable! It was great to remember what impact a positive attitude can have on all.” Katie McCann, Head of School, Four Elms Primary School, Kent

“The course emphasised for me the benefit of arriving at a school with an ‘A1’ positive attitude towards all members of the school community. I thought Simon’s technique was an excellent mix between the serious subject nature and put over in a humorous way. His enthusiasm is infectious.” Michael James, Chairman of Milton Keynes Music Co-Operative