What is wellbeing?

Wellbeing is defined as a state of comfort, health and happiness.

It’s a broad definition and sometimes difficult to identify with. I like to add in two more words.

Freedom. Free from stress, worry and anxiety. Free to live, think and be.

Ease. At ease with yourself and the world around you.

When you are absent of ease, it is called ‘dis-ease’.

So wellbeing is the absence of ease.

What isn’t wellbeing?

Wellbeing isn’t tokenistic gestures of being nice to people.

Wellbeing isn’t cake in the staff room, mindfulness, or yoga. It isn’t delicious soap in the staff toilet, duvet days, or go home early afternoons. It isn’t a mug of chocolate bars gifted anonymously, a hug, or a present.

It’s not to say don’t do any of the above and they don’t contribute to better levels of wellbeing. They do. But they are not wellbeing.

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Best wellbeing books

  • Flourish by Martin Seligman
  • Stumbling on Happiness by Dan Gilbert
  • The Art of Being Brilliant by Andy Cope and Andy Whittaker

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